If you have a dog that pulls, the right collar can really help make this behavior less common and severe. Whether you're working with a large dog that pulls you everywhere, an active dog who just can't consistently listen, or a puppy just learning how to leash train, martingale collars can be a wonderful training aide and control tool to help you manage your dog.

Learn more about martingale dog collars to help you determine if this is the right type of collar for your dog's needs. You can buy martingale collars at your local pet store, or buy them online at a specialty pet store. Here are reasons to get martingale collars for your dog.

There's less pulling

You've heard of choke collars that restrict when there is pressure placed against them. Martingale collars are similar to this in that they restrict when your dog pulls, but not in the same way. The martingale collars are similar to choke collars but are also more like traditional collars, so your dog is still unable to pull as much when they are wearing a collar but cannot get entirely choked in the process either.

There's more control

If you want to have more control over your dog, then consider martingale collars. These collars give you far more control during the training or walking process, allowing you to feel more confident with your pulling dog. Martingale dog collars come in a variety of styles and colors and are easy to use, creating a safe collar experience for you and your dog when you go on walks or otherwise have to control your dog.

There's less pain

Classic choke collars can hurt your dog. Martingale collars are very effective in managing your dog's pulling while still being a humane solution to your anti-pulling needs. Your dog will benefit from a collar that fits them well and isn't too snug. You'll benefit from having access to a collar that is highly effective in keeping your dog controlled while being not painful for them to use.

Martingale dog collars come in a variety of styles and sizes and materials. If your dog has a nylon or other material allergy, stick to a hemp or leather dog collar. Your dog will benefit from a martingale collar that fits well without being too tight: choose a collar that can be tightened beyond your dog's neck size so there is room for growth and adjustment.  

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