Having a crystal stone as a pedant adds value to beauty and appearance and also comes with numerous health benefits. Many people believe that crystals produce calm and positive vibrations that are good for meditation and keeping the body in a good physical state. An example of a therapeutic crystal stone is the elite shungite stone. This piece is an overview of shungite stones and why you should have one as a pendant. 

What are elite shungite stones?

Also known as noble shungite, elite shungite is the purest and most unique type of shungite stone, with over 98% carbon properties. Shungite pendants have a rich, shiny black color, distinguishing them from other pendants. 

What are the benefits of wearing shungite jewelry?

The following are the reasons why you should wear shungite:

1. Unique and Beautiful

One of the main reasons people wear pendants is because they add fashion and beauty to your appearance. A beautiful and unique necklace makes you stand out in many social events and interactions. Additionally, it signifies status and wealth and makes people hold you in high regard during these interactions. Elite shungite is one of the rarest forms of crystal stones. It has a beautiful, shiny, silvery black, semimetallic luster that makes it stand out from other crystals. Additionally, they have unique shapes and you cannot easily cut or shape them. That means if you have a particular type of shungite pendant, only a few people or no one else will have the same.

2. Complementary therapy

Complementary therapy is an alternative form of therapy that you undertake along with traditional healthcare and treatment. Shungite is believed to have therapeutical benefits such as lowering stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure, and relieving other physical ailments such as allergies. It is important to note that using shungite does not mean you abandon your regular medications, but you can use these theoretical benefits as additional medicine. 

3. Protection from EMF radiation

Electromagnetic field emissions (EMF) are a type of radiation that originates from electronic devices such as laptops, computers, cellphones, television, and Wi-Fi. EMF radiation is harmful to body cells and can result in brain damage, heart disease, or a weakened immune system. Scientists and crystal stones experts believe that wearing a shungite pendant protects you from EMF radiations. Elite shungite has fullerenes and high carbon properties that protect against radiation.  


Elite shungite is a beautiful and unique crystal stone associated with various health benefits and protection from EMF radiation. Are you looking to make an addition to your jewelry collection? Contact a crystal dealer and ask them about their elite shungite pendants.