One of the awesome things about soy candles is the incredible purity of their scents. The soy wax itself is so mildly scented that any scents added to the candle come out really bold and pure. As such, candle makers can easily make soy candles that smell like rich cocoa. Burning one of these candles is, in and of itself, a nice experience. However, there are a few extra tips you can follow to make burning your warm, soy cocoa candle even nicer.

Check the wick length, and trim if needed.

Soy candles do tend to be a little finicky when it comes to wick length. If the wick is too long, the flame will dance around a lot, and you may notice a somewhat scorched scent as the candle gets too hot. So, before you light your cocoa candle, make sure the wick is trimmed to a proper 1/4 inch. You can just use scissors to cut off any excess. Doing so will ensure you get the purest cocoa scent possible. 

Turn off any air fresheners or sprayers.

With such a warm, soft scent as cocoa, you really don't want to risk masking it or ruining it with other scents. So, if you have any air fresheners or automatic diffusers, turn them off before you light the candle. In fact, you may want to turn them off a couple of hours before you light the candle in order to allow the scents to fully clear out of the room before you fill the room with cocoa.

Enjoy a cocoa snack or drink.

If you have the time to relax and really enjoy yourself as the candle burns, try helping yourself to a cocoa-flavored snack or drink as you sit. A mug of hot cocoa can be a good choice. Even a few chocolate cookies can help you fully embrace the cocoa spirit!

When you're finished, extinguish the candle.

This is good advice to follow with any soy candle, but especially with a cocoa candle where the scent is so easily disrupted by any burning odor. If you just blow the candle out, you'll generate smelly smoke that will ruin the mood. Instead, place an extinguisher over the wick to put the candle out. If you don't have an extinguisher, you can use a little cup.

Your cocoa soy candle is an item worth celebrating and enjoying. With the tips above, you can do just that.

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