If you're shopping for a new ring that you only plan to wear for certain occasions, you'll see all sorts of enticing options when you visit a local jewelry store. While most rings slide onto just one of your fingers, you may notice a section of rings that go on two fingers. These pieces of jewelry are commonly called two-finger rings and can augment your personal style. You might not choose to wear a two-finger ring daily. Instead, it can be fun to look for a design that appeals to you with the intention of wearing this jewelry when you get dressed up, attend a special event, or at some other, more formal, time. Here are three popular two-finger ring designs that may appeal to you.


Perhaps the simplest two-finger ring design is a bar that spans across the top of two of your fingers and has a pair of loops beneath it through which you place your fingers. You can wear this style of ring on any two of your fingers, so try it in different locations to see what looks best. Bar-style two-finger rings can vary significantly in design. You'll find them in different colors, including gold, silver, and black, as well as different thicknesses. Some may have gemstones in them, while others have a more plain look.


You'll also see a lot of two-finger rings that feature words. It's common for these designs to display just one word, although you may see jewelry that has multiple words. Some of these designs can look a little sassy, with words such as "Queen" or "Boss," and you may find that this look suits your personality well. Other rings have words that can be a constant source of inspiration throughout your day, while other designs feature different names. You may wish to find a ring that shows your name, for example.


There are all sorts of pieces of jewelry that feature feather designs, and this includes two-finger rings. If you enjoy the look of feathers, perhaps you have feather earrings or maybe even a feather tattoo on your body, a feather-themed two-finger ring can be an appropriate choice for you. In some designs, the feather shape will sit flat across the top of both fingers. In other designs, it may weave through your fingers in some manner. Look for these and other two-finger ring designs when you visit a local jewelry store.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for jewelry near you.