Nesting dolls are a popular toy that was originally manufactured in Russia. Traditional and modern doll designs are often used as learning toys or collectibles. Learn about how these dolls are made and explore some ways to use them.

The Carving And Painting Processes

Russian nesting dolls consist of several hand-carved pieces of wood that are hollow. The pieces range in size and are designed to stack within one another. Wood is sanded during the production of a series of nesting dolls. A finished set will possess a smooth, glossy surface. Opaque paint varieties that are non-toxic are used to add facial features, clothing, and other distinct details to the exterior of each wooden carving.

Traditional And Modern Designs

Traditional Russian nesting dolls consisted of people characters. A nesting set may portray a mother and her children or a group of people who are dressed similarly. Modern designs include people, animals, holiday themes, and everyday objects. A set of dolls that is designed for learning purposes may contain hand-painted letters, numbers, and words.

A series of dolls can be used to teach a child basic concepts, such as counting or the recognition of sight words. Nesting dolls can be used to increase fine motor skills. A child may enjoy taking a series of dolls apart and putting them back together.

During the assembly of a set of nesting dolls, a youngster will be using their perception, to determine the sizes of the wooden pieces and the proper way to place them all together, from smallest to largest. If nesting dolls are going to be used during solo or group play activities that are being offered to young children, inspecting a set should be conducted when shopping for the toys. The smallest doll in a set should not be able to fit into a youngster's mouth.

Display Suggestions

Some people enjoy collecting nesting dolls. They may prefer to choose a particular theme and use their dolls as display pieces within their homes or offices. A shelf or a wooden storage crate can be used to display dolls. Some display pieces may contain slotting, which will partition dolls from one another.

Cube or pedestal risers are two additional items that can be used for display purposes. When shopping for either one, the height and the width of a display piece should be assessed. Multiple nesting pieces can be set on top of each riser or can be stored inside of a riser that contains four sides, a bottom piece, and a lid.