CBD comes from the Cannabis plant and people often confuse CBD with THC, though they are different. Whereas THC will give you a high feeling, CBD will give you many other benefits but it won't make you high. Also, THC will cause you to have a positive drug test if the test tests for marijuana, where CBD will not give you a positive test result. You can purchase CBD products of many types, such as tinctures, lotions, salves, edibles, and more.

Here is more information on CBD and CBD shops: 

1. There are a lot of uses for CBD

CBD can be used for many reasons. One of the things that CBD can help with is inflammation. The fact that it can help with your inflammation means that it can help with a lot of different problems that have to do with inflammation. For example, it can help with the pain that you can feel that is caused when there is inflammation in a part of your body. It can help with pain felt in your back or in any of your joints when they are experiencing an inflammatory reaction. 

CBD can help with certain types of skin issues. For example, you would be able to use a lotion or a salve directly on your skin in order to help reduce the symptoms related to conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Not only will you be able to help to reduce the symptoms of an active flair up by using CBD products, but you can also help to prevent more breakouts from happening. 

CBD products can also be used to get relief from anxiety. When you have anxiety you can use different types of CBD products such as tablets, edibles, tinctures, and more. 

2. CBD shops can be great sources

A great place for you to go to for these products is a CBD shop because they can give you a large selection of these products to choose from and the staff will be well versed to help you out with determining which products will be the best ones for your needs.  When you go to a CBD shop, you will be able to ask all of the questions you have about the different products available at the shop in order to find and purchase the best products for what you need. The staff working there can give you the answers and the advice you need.