If you're looking to buy cycling performance gear to wear for long rides, you'll generally need to choose between standard cycling shorts and bib shorts. The latter garment either has material that partially covers your torso and a pair of straps that go over your shoulders or a shirt that is attached to the shorts. You might be more familiar with conventional cycling shorts, and be leaning toward buying them. It's important, however, to understand the benefits that bib shorts provide. This understanding may compel you to buy this garment instead. Here are some reasons that bib shorts are a better choice than standard cycling shorts.

They Don't Dig In At The Waist

When you first get into a pair of cycling bib shorts, one of the first things that you'll notice is that there's no waistband. While the entire garment is elasticized, it doesn't typically feature a band of elastic around the waist like conventional cycling shorts. Where comfort is concerned, this detail is important. With standard cycling shorts, you may find that the waistband digs into your skin and causes some degree of irritation — especially over the course of a long ride. This isn't a problem when you choose to wear bib shorts.

There's No Need To Wear A Shirt

When you wear standard cycling shorts for a ride, you'll typically wear a shirt with this garment. While some people might leave their shirts untucked, cyclists often tuck them in as a way to be more streamlined. When you tuck a shirt into your cycling shorts, this can create extra bulk around your waist. This can especially be true if the shirt is long, as you'll need to get a considerable amount of material tucked into your shorts. The result can be uncomfortable and, in some cases, not look very flattering. Because bib shorts have an upper portion, you don't need to worry about wearing a separate shirt and tucking it in.

You'll Have A Professional Appearance

If you're serious about cycling, you might be eager to wear garments that give you a professional appearance. Bib shorts are a popular type of performance gear for top-level, professional cyclists, so there's little doubt that wearing one will give you this appearance, too. This can be better than a mismatched look of standard cycling shorts and a T-shirt, for example. If you've invested money in a stylish-looking bicycle, high-quality shoes, and a professional-level helmet, you want the clothing that you wear to fit in. When you choose bib shorts from a reputable brand, this is the look that you'll accomplish.

Reach out to an expert for any questions you might have about cycling performance gear.