Most people who wish to sell something to a local pawn shop take the item to the shop, have an employee assess its value, and negotiate a mutually suitable price. This isn't an approach that you'll take when you want to sell a piece of construction equipment. If you're a contractor who is getting out of your line of work or who is upgrading some equipment, you may have a piece of large construction equipment that you wish to sell. Believe it or not, many pawn shops deal in construction equipment such as loaders and tractors, so attempting to sell your machine to a local pawn shop can be a good strategy. Here's how to approach doing so.

Set Up A Meeting

Because it's not sensible to take your construction equipment to the pawn shop, you'll want to contact a few shops in your area to explain what you're trying to sell. Make a list of those that are interested, and begin to set up a date and time for someone from the pawn shop to meet with you and check out the equipment. Whether you have the equipment parked on a property you own or at a job site that you're currently working on, simply set up a time that you can meet with a representative of each pawn shop to discuss the equipment.

Be Prepared To Demonstrate It

In most cases, a pawn shop isn't going to buy construction equipment unless it's functional. It's possible that the pawn shop employee may want to operate the machinery himself or herself, but it's more likely that he or she will ask you to put on a demonstration. This serves as an opportunity for you to show how well the equipment runs — which can help you to get more money for it.

Offer To Deliver It

If one of the pawn shops is interested in buying your construction equipment, there's a logistical issue to consider. The pawn shop will need to transport the equipment to wherever it stores the vehicles and large equipment that it's selling. There's obviously a cost to this — the pawn shop will need to arrange for a truck and a trailer to pick up your equipment. You might want to offer to deliver the equipment if you're able to work out a deal. This saves the pawn shop the time and expense of arranging transportation itself, which may help you to get a little more money for your equipment.

For more information about working with pawn shops, reach out to such businesses near you.