When you're a fan of a TV show, collecting merchandise is a great way to bring your favorite show into your everyday living space. Surrounding yourself with images and items from your favorite franchise can bring you a lot of joy. If you're a fan of Star Trek, you might enjoy building a collection of collectible pins. There are a lot of things you can do with collectible pins. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Wear them on your jacket.

Pins are great, wearable accessories for people of any gender. You can easily add them to the lapels of your jacket to customize your favorite outerwear. Many people find it fun and fashionable to see how many different pins they can display on a single jacket. Denim jackets are excellent for this purpose since they are stiff enough to carry the weight of multiple pins. Affix your pins to your jacket in neat rows or stagger them across your jacket for a more spontaneous aesthetic.

2. Display them at your desk.

If you prefer not to wear your pins, you can still display them proudly. You may want to consider displaying your pins on your desk at your home or office. You can purchase a display case specifically made to hold pins. These display cases allow you to thread your pin's needle through a soft material, and they feature glass lids which keep dust away from your pins.

3. Add them to your purse or tote bag.

It's not always jacket weather, but you can still show off your collectible pins in the summertime. You can easily display your pins on your purse or tote bag. Canvas tote bags are ideal for pins since canvas is a very forgiving material with a large weave. You can dedicate a single purse to your pin collection, or you can put a few pins on several different bags, so you can always have them with you.

4. Give them away as gifts.

If you have other friends who share similar interests, you might want to get them some Star Trek collectible pins of their own. Sharing your interests with others is a great way to grow closer. It can even deepen your own appreciation for the media you already love. Help your friend start their own pin collection by purchasing them a few collectible pins of their own for Christmas, birthdays, or holidays.