Shopping is always a great experience at the mall. There are plenty of stores to choose from and lots of action seems to always be going on. But shopping is just one fun activity you can enjoy at your local shopping center. Here are a few other things you should consider engaging in:

Enjoy a Lunch Date

Most shopping malls feature food courts where a variety of restaurants can be easily accessed and plenty of table space is available. So when you want to spend some quality time with the kids or catch up with a couple of friends, consider heading to your local mall's food court. There, everyone can get whatever they want to eat without having to order from the same small menu.

While one person is in the mood for pizza, someone else can hit up the taco bar and yet another person can order the Chinese food they love so much. Everyone should walk away satisfied and socialized by the end of the afternoon.

Engage in Some Exercise

The mall is a great place to get some exercise in. Of course, you'll get a little exercise when you are shopping and browsing stores. But you can really get a workout in by engaging in some power walking around the mall halls. Just throw on a pair of tennis shoes, put some headphones on, and plug your music player in for some motivation.

Then get in gear and take a brisk walk around the mall as many times as it takes to get your heart rate up and keep it up for awhile. When you're done, you'll feel like you've just talked miles around your neighborhood or spent some time in front of a workout DVD.

Get a Mini Makeover

Getting new clothes isn't the only thing you can do at the mall to make yourself look and feel better. Many department stores inside malls offer mini makeover services, where they will treat you with facial cleaners and embellish your face with complementary makeup. There is typically no obligation to buy anything in exchange for the makeover, although the store would like nothing more than to sell you some of their quality products. So you can expect your service provider to use only the best makeup and other products on you during the makeover. You might want to take advantage of a mini makeover before a big dinner date or night out on the town with friends.

Catch the Occasional Show

You might find that your local shopping mall hosts various shows and events throughout the year, especially around holiday time. Whether it's a play during Christmas, a fashion show to celebrate summer, or a community concert to support locals schools, you should find that your mall events offer the perfect opportunity to socialize and get to know members of your community better. Look for a calendar of events at the customer service station within your local mall.