If you've decided that your current mattress is no longer providing the support that you require, it's time to begin your search for a replacement. If it's been several years since you last bought a mattress, you might be surprised at the number of options available to you — including a number of online mattress companies. It's still a good idea, however, to visit a local mattress store,like Mattress Liquidation Warehouse, and test some different types of mattresses to find one that suits you and the person with whom you share your bed. You may be leaning toward a pillow top mattress, and this can be a good decision. Here are three things that you'll quickly grow to like about this type of mattress.

It Has A Soft, Cozy Feeling

As its name suggests, a pillow top mattress essentially consists of a mattress that has a pillow-like layer across the entire upper surface. What you'll immediately notice is how soft and cozy this mattress feels. The first time that you lie down onto it, you'll enjoy how your body sinks into the pillow top a little bit, and it can often feel as though the pillow tap is swaddling your body to some degree. A lot of people find this feeling highly comfortable, and you'll soon notice how the pillow top augments your nightly sleep.

It Can Be A Little Higher

Pillow top mattresses vary in height considerably, but one thing that you'll often find is that they can be taller than conventional mattresses. For example, the main section of a pillow top mattress can be the same height as a standard mattress, but the pillow top layer adds several inches of extra depth. If you're a taller person, you might appreciate this extra height. Getting in and out of bed will be easier for you, and sitting on the edge of the bed will also feel more natural. This may also be a desirable feature if you have arthritis or other conditions that affect your mobility.

It Won't Let You Sink Too Deep

One complaint that some people have about mattresses that are too soft is how they sink too deeply into the mattress. This may be the case with a memory foam mattress to some degree, for example, and it may be something that you deal with if you're overweight. Sinking deeply into the mattress can not only make it difficult to get up in the morning, but this feeling may not be overly pleasant. A pillow top mattress provides softness at the top, but the firmer base will prevent you from sinking down to an undesired depth.