So, you see trainers and skinny people working out with weighted belts. That makes sense. After all, they are working hard and training hard to create muscle. The weighted belts create the resistance they need to push harder at making muscle.

What about people who are morbidly obese or people who are carrying an extra 100+ pounds in their midsections? Do they really need weighted belts? What benefits could you, a person with excess weight garner from adjustable weighted belts? Reasonable questions all, and the answers follow.

Yes, Your Own Weight Is Your Own Resistance, But...

While it is definitely true that your own body fat around your middle is your own "weighted belt," you can still reap some benefits from actual weighted belts. For example, wearing a weighted belt while working out will cause you to sweat more than you already do as someone with extra pounds. Trapped in your excess pounds is excess water. Sweating more will help you expel excess water from your body, which in turn helps your heart and lungs pump and breathe easier. When your heart pumps easier and your lungs breathe easier, you are inclined to work out more, and subsequently lose more weight.

The Biggest Belts Are Still Adjustable

Some of you might be worried that you will not be able to get a weighted belt around your waist. All weighted exercise belts, including those of the largest kind, are adjustable. Even if you have a really large waist circumference, two or three belts can be adjusted to their maximum length and clipped end to end around you. As you lose weight, you will be pleased to find this string of belts falling off of you. Then you can adjust them again and again until finally you only need one belt!

You DO Have Muscle Under Your Fat

You are not all fat, no matter what you see in the mirror, no matter what you think, and no matter how you feel right this moment. All people have abdominal muscles, chest muscles, back muscles, etc.. It does not matter how much fat you have sitting over the tops of these muscles. Wearing the weighted belts and working out with more weights will help you tighten and tone the muscles that are hiding so that when you lose the fat sitting on top of the muscles, you will have a nicely sculpted body.