Whether you're going to be hosting a holiday feast in your home or simply enjoying a special meal with your partner or other household residents, you're undoubtedly planning to dress the table up a bit to provide a festive accent. Centerpieces are an integral part of creating a seasonal ambiance, but somehow, traditional centerpiece flowers such as roses, baby's breath, and peonies seem to fall rather flat when included in a centerpiece that needs an autumn theme. 

Following are several suggestions designed to provide you with inspiration for crafting a unique seasonal centerpiece. 


Bright, bold, and brilliant, sunflowers are a natural for using as a focal point in a seasonal centerpiece. The come in a wide array of colors ranging from bronze through cream, and make a particularly appropriates statement when twigs of hardwoods with vibrant autumn foliage are included in the centerpiece. Complete the look by placing small pumpkins and other gourds around the base of the centerpiece. After the feast has been finished, you can feed the birds by removing the seeds from the sunflowers and broadcasting them on the ground outside of your home. 


Mums can also be successfully mixed in with sunflowers to create a colorful seasonal centerpiece appropriate for a festive holiday feast. You can also use these as the main ingredient in the centerpiece itself if your table isn't big enough to hold a large one made with sunflowers. Mix them with fresh green ferns and sprinkle autumn leaves down the center of the table. You can also mix them up with other fall flower favorites such as marigolds, dahlias, and zinnias for a country garden effect. 


Long considered a class fall flower, dahlias come in too many sizes and shapes to list here. Some feature simple, daisy-like blooms with single petals in sweet colors like white, pink, and lemon yellow, while others are elaborately colored with multiple petals. There are many ways to use dahlias in a centerpiece. The more dramatic dahlias work well when singly displayed in bud vases and are especially appropriate for small tables for two on which a romantic holiday meal will be enjoyed. Those looking to make a vibrant impact using bold colors can choose to include a variety of dahlias in their seasonal centerpiece. 

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