How often have you taken your pipe to a frat house, a rave, or a glow-in-the-dark nightclub, only to lose it somewhere because you cannot see it? Chances are, if it falls on the floor, someone is likely to step on it and break it. Trying to keep it close in these situations is nearly impossible. However, there are a few suggestions on how you can find and recognize your pipe in these darkened social situations.

Glow Pipes

Glowpipes are actually glass pipes made with glow-in-the-dark glass. The glow-in-the-dark effect is produced by pigments that have been added to the glass prior to shaping it in the fire. Because the glow pigments come in a wide range of colors and because there is no possible way to manipulate the pigments once they are in the glass, you end up with a very unique and easily identifiable pipe (even in the dark!).

Pipes Painted with Glow Paint

You can create your own glow paint and paint whatever type of pipe you want with these glow paints. While they can be used on just about any type of material, they seem to shine brightest on chrome or glass. This is due in part to the fact that the glow paint's light is reflecting off the polished surfaces of the chrome or glass. You can still see the pain on wood or plastic pipes, but it is not as bright.

Pipes as Necklaces

This is a little trickier, as you do not want the pipe to be punctured through the stem, mouthpiece or bowl. However, you can wrap a metal band around the bowl of the pipe and attach a small wring to the metal band. Then a necklace can attach to the ring and metal band. You can walk around with your pipe around your neck and never lose sight of it because it is always within range of your mouth. 

If you want to hire an artisan to craft a glass pipe for you, request that a glass ring be attached to the back of the stem of the pipe. It does not effect how the pipe works, and provides a less noticeable way to wear your pipe as jewelry. Guys may also be able to click on a pocket watch chain to the glass ring so that the pipe stays safely in their pockets. Just make sure you request this when you ask the glass pipe maker to make a pipe for you.