In less than six months, Christmas and the holiday season will be here. Most people are not even thinking about the holidays, much less financially planning for them. That is exactly where many people get tripped up with their finances because they could be planning months ahead and end up with little to no post-holiday debt. If you are short on cash now, it will be harder later. Short loans from a company like Wilmington Jewelry & Loan can help in the following ways.

Six Months to Pay

Six-month cash loans are perfect for your holiday needs. You get the cash now to start shopping for presents and the good deals that actually come before Black Friday price hikes. Better yet, you can pay it down a little at a time so that by the time the holidays roll around, you are already finished with both the gift shopping and paying off the loan you took out to buy the gifts.

The Family Sleigh as Security

Of course, there is always the family "sleigh" as collateral, in case you wanted to take out a cash collateral loan. If you have a second family car that is in your name only, and it is free and clear of payments, you can use it to get a loan. Like the six-month short loan with no collateral, you have several months to pay it off. Smart and timely payments will allow you to keep the vehicle and still have everything bought and paid for before the holiday season hits.

Christmas Loans

The best way to manage holiday spending is with a Christmas account. Unfortunately, it is a little late in the year to start this now, but you might want to consider it for next year. In the meantime, your bank may offer you a Christmas loan if you open a Christmas savings account for next year. The loan helps you with this year's shopping, while the Christmas account can help you get started on saving for next year's big wish list.

Lines of Credit from Your Bank

If you do not have a line of credit with your bank, you could try opening one. Most applications can be made online on the bank's secure website. Confirmation occurs within a few days--more than enough time to start your holiday shopping. The bank then takes payments out of your checking account each month until the borrowed amounts are paid in full.