You don't have a long time to plan a great Father's Day for your husband, but you can for sure still do it. Consider these ideas to plan something fun and memorable.

The Start Of The Day 

  • Plan breakfast in bed with something he doesn't get very often. Think about making French Toast or Mexican omelets.
  • Whether you have a great voice or not, think about serenading him with your song. If you don't have one, consider singing something like Baby Mine or You Light Up My Life.
  • If you're children are joining you, give each one something special to deliver. One could bring the juice, other the main part of the meal, and so on. 

Choose A Great Gift

Think about giving your husband a gift basket. Consider what he loves to do for some good ideas.

  • Does your husband love music? If so, consider giving him the latest CD or his favorite group or soloist. Add concert tickets or a coupon for a night at home watching a favorite musical.
  • If your husband loves to work out, consider giving him a pass to a gym, if he doesn't already have one. Add new men's gym shorts in his favorite color. Be his hero by choosing mens gym shorts with smartphone pocket.
  • If children are part of the event, have each one make something special for whatever gift basket you create.

Make The Whole Day Special

Since this is Father's Day, don't stop the fun in the morning. What you plan will depend on whether you have children at home or not.

  • If your children are grown and out of the house, ask them to call Dad at different times of the day, just so he'll be reminding constantly of how important he is to the family.
  • If you have young children, ask them to help you in the planning. A picnic that includes games might be fun.
  • Is your husband a stay-at-home kind of guy? If so, consider just a night of pop corn and watching his favorite movies. 

No matter what you decide to do for a gift or for your husband's entertainment on Father's Day, don't forget to write him a personal note that expresses your love and appreciation for him. Ask your children to do the same and then tie all the notes together with a handsome bow to give him on his special day.