Even though many couples create a wedding registry from which guests can choose a gift, some are bucking that trend and asking guests to make their own choices. Choosing the right gift for a couple can be a daunting challenge. However, it is possible to find a gift that both of them will love. If you are shopping for a wedding gift, here are some questions to ask yourself.  

Should You Buy Something for the Home? 

A newly married couple might not have all of the household furnishings that they need. Buying a gift for their home is always a solid choice. Your gift does not need to be pricey, but it is important that you focus on what the couple would want and not necessarily your own preferences.  

For instance, if you are buying indoor décor gifts, remember that you want items that are in proportion with the space the couple has. A small rug would look out of place in a large room. A large piece of artwork in a tiny room would look ridiculous.  

In addition to looking for accessories that are the right size, you also need to consider the texture and color of the items. Accessories can add interest to a room. However, you do not want what you choose to overpower every other item in the room. Look for something that is visually appealing, but not too trendy or bold.  

Is Money an Appropriate Gift? 

In the past, cash gifts were usually frowned upon. However, many couples are willing to accept cash as their wedding gifts. It is important to note that you are not obligated to send cash. If you are uncomfortable with the notion, you can still choose a gift for the couple.  

If you do opt to give cash, you can choose to use a check if you are leery about simply handing over cash. Remember to include a personal note with the money.  

Some couples have financial registries set up. For instance, a couple who is paying for their honeymoon can register for financial contributions from guests. If the marrying couple does, you can send the cash gift directly to the institution that the couple has noted. The cash will be added to the couple's account and they will be notified of your gift.  

Choosing the right wedding gift can be challenging, but with careful consideration, you can find a gift that the couple will love.