When it comes to personal grooming, nothing is more important than shaving. After all, the wrong razor can cause you a great deal of pain in the form or rashes or even cuts. Not to mention, a shaving system that doesn't quite work for you can leave you with misshapen, uneven facial hair that makes you look as though you have never shaved a day in your life. Choosing the right type of razor kit for you comes down to knowing the differences between the various available choices and decide which is the best option for you. 

Straight Razors

Straight razors are the traditional option for men's shaving. Any time you watch an old-timey movie in which the men go to the barbershop for a shave, you see the barber adeptly using a straight razor to give their clients a close, flawless shave. 

While it may be the oldest option available, in many ways a straight razor is still the best option available as well. First, if well-maintained, you will never need to replace a straight razor blade. They are built to last and endure. 

Additionally, straight razors provide you with the closest possible shave and are least likely to cause razor burn and discomfort. Because the shave is so close, you will also be able to shave less frequently. However, straight razors do not require a safety to prevent you from cutting yourself while shaving. As such, shaving may take more time and concentration. 

Safety Razors

Safety razors are similar to the original straight razor in that they have only a single blade, but with a few modifications. These razors are fitted with a guard that protects you from cutting yourself while shaving, making the process easier and faster. 

Additionally, safety razors are adjustable. This means you can adjust the blade length so that you can customize your shave. They are also less expensive at initial purchase than a straight razor.

Unlike a traditional straight razor, however, you will have to regularly replace the blades. Additionally, the safety guard will prevent you from getting as close of a shave as the straight razor can.

Cartridge Razors

Cartridge razors are the modern solution to shaving. They are cheap, disposable, and easy to use. Cartridge razors differ greatly from straight razors and safety razors in that they use multiple blades.

These multiple blades are smaller than other alternatives which further protects you from cutting yourself while shaving. You actually have to work rather hard to significantly damage the skin using such a razor. 

Unfortunately, however, the use of multiple small blades makes it harder to get a truly close shave and you will find yourself needing to shave more frequently than with other options. Additionally, these razors a prone to rusting and dulling, and must be replaced quite frequently. 

As you can see, the options are numerous for your shaving system. All you need to do is select the option that is best for you and get to shaving.